A Learning Culture – Investors in People Re- assessment

Following our recent Investors in People Assessment, I am delighted to confirm that The Old School House Day Nursery continues to be accredited as an Investors in People organisation.

Our passion for excellence within the early years is matched by our commitment to supporting the development of our team. One of our key priorities has always been and will continue to be the investment in meeting the learning needs of every member of our organisation. The investors standard provides us with an important external benchmark and a route map that enables us to carry out a more robust training needs analysis.

Examples of ongoing training developments, programmes and innovative projects include:


  • The investment in our own blended e-learning VLE (virtual Learning environment) that will provide staff with an extensive portfolio of on-line learning and development activities – initial learning will include mentoring training for key members of staff.





  • Investing in an external expert to lead `Old School House Day Nursery Moves and Dances; ` action research project – the overall aim of the project is to introduce the benefits of creative movement to all the children.  Staff will work alongside specialist teacher, joining in with all the movement sessions.  Through participation in the classes, and sharing and collaborating with session planning, staff are able to develop an understanding of the principles of breaking down and FILIPAapplying movement fundamentals. ( for more information please read article attached and see our display in the reception area at nursery)








  • Investing in Graduate Leadership training  – Lisa has now gained Early Years Professional Status(EYPS) to further develop her skills and knowledge in leading and delivering excellent practice within nursery

These are just a few learning examples that are ongoing within nursery with many more in the pipeline! If you have any ideas or thoughts or would like to get involved in any of the projects please let us know.



The Old School House is the first organisation in the country to recieve the new Childrens Food Trust Award!


Last June we were involved in piloting the Childs Food Trusts National Guidelines for food and Drink provision in early years settings. Lisa, Gemma along with Eileen and Emma  our nursery cooks worked incredibly hard with the whole staff team reviewing and analysing menus with the trusts dietician and evaluating practice throughout nursery against the national standards developed by the trust.


The team surpassed themselves and their hard work paid off when we were put forward for the Childrens Food Award in March by Dr Patricia Mucavele Research and Nutrition Senior Manager for the trust who had been working with us.

We are delighted to let you know that The Old School House Day Nursery has now achieved the Children’s Food Trust Award which means that our nursery is now recognised nationally as a centre of excellence for its provision of food. To gain the Award we had to demonstrate that we not only provide food which meets high nutritional standards but that children are also actively food picsengaged in choosing and eating healthy food. We achieved the award with flying colours, a testament to the dedication of the staff team. More details about the award can be found by going to the link below.

The Award has recently been introduced by the Children’s Food Trust (formerly the School Food Trust) and we are delighted to be the first organisation in the whole country to receive it. The Children’s Food Trust has introduced food and drink guidelines for children in their early years. The guidelines are based on research in child development and nutrition from early years to adulthood. For more information visit www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk

As a parent I’m sure you are concerned that your child reaches their full potential in life. Learning to make healthy eating choices a habit is an important part of this… Research by The Children’s Food Trust shows how good nutrition can improve children’s physical development and mental performance. Furthermore, when children adopt a healthy diet, it reduces the chances of health problems in later years, such as diabetes and wow 2011 8heart disease caused by obesity.

We are therefore keen that as many children as possible take advantage of our wholesome meal provision. We would also like to draw your attention to our packed lunch policy. To find out more about our nursery food policy or to see an example of  our menus  please visit the nutrition section on our website www.oshdn.co.uk

If you would like to discuss our catering provision further please feel free to speak to us.

More details about the award can be found by going to the link below.


In recognition of our success and the hard work of all the staff we are taking the team out for a celebration meal in Newmarket on the 24th May. We will also be planning a whole nursery event when we hope you will join us, more details to follow.

Childrens Food Trust, Event London